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Children's Parties

Every child has a favorite television character, or cartoon. As parents we understand that come birthday time, or any special occasion, kids are looking for something special from their favorite personality.

SinfulSweets helps with that by putting together these party packs. We know parents look long and hard to please their kids, we also understand that they work hard for their money. This is why our party packs are specially priced to be affordable, and adorable.

Each Party Pack includes chocolate pops, painted to resemble their respective characters, and some contain a large centerpiece. Although prices vary, due to the amount of chocolate in each piece, we assure you that it is our best value. If you need more pops that the pack includes, let us know and we can certainly add more to your order.

Available Party Packs:

Clifford The Big Red Dog
$45.00 Free S/H*
For dozens of years now children have looked up to the loveable big red dog. From Books, to Television, to Video, to your mouth. You can now include delicious red puppy pops at your childs next birthday party. This pack includes 24 puppy pops, and a large Clifford sized dogbone centerpiece

Blues Clues
$45.00 Free S/H*
Each Pack includes 24 pops. You get to pick the type of pops. You can have Blue, Magenta, or Paw Print pop. You can even mix them up and have any combination of the above. Any way you mix it up, this party pack comes with an adorable chocolate block embossed with Happy Birthday.

Pokemon Party
$38.00 Free S/H*
Pikachu is by far one of the most popular Pokemon characters, here you get 24 Pikachu Pops. Perfect for a children's birthday party.

Bear in the Big Blue House
$50.00 Free S/H*
Children of all ages instantly fell in love with the big brown bear, and all his friends in the blue house. Our Bear Party Pack includes 24 VERY large pops of Bear. Surely more than enough chocolate to please even the heartiest of appetites.

Dalmatians Party Pack (24)
$35.00 Free S/H
OK, So this pack is not really 101 Dalmatians, it's 24. You get these adorable spotted puppy pops and a large dog bone centerpiece.

101 Dalmatians Party Pack (101)

Of course if you REALLY want to go for the impressive numbers of 101 Dalmatians we can accommodate that as well. With this package you will get the full compliment of 101 Dalmatian Puppy Pops and the dog bone centerpiece. Perfect for the BIG parties..

Sorry, no free S/H on orders this large
Please give atleast 7 days advance notice.

Sponge Bob, Square Pants
Coming Soon

You don't have to visit a pineapple under the sea to get the perfect party favors for your Sponge Bob fan. Here you can get 24 Sponge Bob pops with a 3 dimensional pineapple centerpiece..

Other party packs are availible. If there is something you are looking for and do not see it here, email Joy for more information.


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